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The Blue Sea horse in Eleuthera Bahamas


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The Blue Sea horse in Eleuthera Bahamas

From 3 years of age, I used crayons as my medium, l've always loved color. Inspired by  a very creative family , I was directly inspired by my talented sister/artist Cindy Burrows who kept me well equipped with art supplies. While attending The College of the Bahamas my eyes were open to a new variety of artistic styles and materials that exist. Being exposed to painting paired well with my love for color.

While working in a gift shop in North Eleuthera my curiosity in the souvenir craft began. After just a few wees working at Island Made giftshop I was inspired to start learning some type of craft. So I started experimenting with making sand beads, after an order I had made for some sand beads from Exuma fell through. I figured I'd attempt making my own and then the idea of making a unique product with our popular pink sands of Eleuthera was born.


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The sand beads soon evolved into a complete collection of locally sourced materials turned gift items. I instantly fell in love with craft and my ideas slowly formed into a small collection which I sold wholesale from home. The items had taken off and I soon realized the items needed a stage for getting to the public market. About a year late with the support of family and my fiancé the idea of a gift shop was born. ' The Blue Seahorse Gift Shop ' in Rock Sound, Eleuthera features an array of The Blue Seahorse Collection handmade items as well promoting other local artisans throughout the island and the Bahamas.

Everyday I get to meet and work with incredible artists and crafter that make

each day exciting and simply magic...I love what I do!

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The Blue Sea horse in Eleuthera Bahamas

created by: Corvi